ASD Assessment process

1st Stage of Assessment

Initial assessment session (90/120 minutes)

This stage can be done online, however we recommend it to be face-to-face on a date, time and location to be agreed with the client.

This session is essential to gather relevant information about the young person background and personal history, early developmental, symptoms and signs, specific behaviours noticed and reasons for the assessment. As possible this session should be held with young person and one or both parents. Specific screening questionnaires will be provided to gather clinic evidence to complement the assessment depending of the age:

Short Sensory Profile
Complement questionnaire about difficulties and stereotyped behaviour noticed
Questionnaire to gather relevant information from school

Cost of this session:
£200.00 (without report) or £250.00 (with report)

- If scoring results meet the thresold, we can proceed for the 2nd and 3rd stage of the process.
- if scoring results don't meet threshold, specific support to difficulties can be provided.

2nd Stage of Assessment


This stage needs to be face-to-face on a date, time and location to be agreed with the client.

Time for administration:
90 minutes (when person does not present communication difficulties and is verbal).
120 minutes (When person presents communication difficulties, finds difficult to express self or is non-verbal).

For children, is suggested that one of the parent or caregiver should be present in the room, during the assessment.
Consent for video recording is usually asked to parents/caregivers for scoring purpose exclusively and will be password protected and will be deleted after the process is completed.

Every assessment is discussed with a consultant before the feedback is given to the client.

It can take up to one week to score, interpret and write the report, which once completed, will be sent to individual/parents via email for their reading and will be jointly reviewed on the feedback session.

Feedback session:
A 30 minutes session will be arranged to discuss outcome of the assessment and clarify the interpretation of the report, advice parents about what could be next steps to take and the need to liaise with other professionals as appropriate.

Cost of the ADOS-2: £850.00

3rd Stage of Assessment

Follow-up after assessment

This includes a follow-up call or online session up to 30 minutes, which will take place 1 month after the assessment was completed.
This has the purpose of providing advise and counseling to each case.