ASD Training Awareness for school staff

Objectives of this training

This training action has the purpose to:
- enable teachers to identify signs and symptoms on time for an early intervention;
- provide relevant tools and strategies for school staff to support their students with autism spectrum condition;
- help the school staff to integrate and support these students into the community, by considering their needs and difficulties;
- help staff to teach students how to improve social and communication skills and emotional regulation techniques;
This session will help school staff how to understand and work successfully with ASD children and adolescents.

Expected outcome from this training

- Recognizing symptoms and signs of autism, comorbidity and differential conditions, screening/diagnostic tools, recognizing when to liaise with other specialized professionals for a formal diagnosis or support, drawing a positive behavior support plan, and sharing results and outcomes with families.
- You’ll learn how ASD children and adolescents think and see the world so you can communicate with them more effectively.
- You’ll be able to explore issues important to your students which are the direct result of their ASD.
- You’ll learn how to help ASD students identify and label emotions and express themselves effectively on the school environment.
- You will learn how to use special interests and ASD characteristics as strengths that your students can use to manage their problems more successfully.
- You’ll understand how to adapt techniques and strategies so that your ASD students can respond effectively to situations.
- You will learn anxiety reduction strategies, managing challenging behaviours, fostering expression of affection and friendships, and professional challenges in the context of school.

Download ASD Training Awareness Full Information (PDF)